Professional knowledge of QuanU Furniture:


Survey of Quanu furniture
Quanu furniture includes board furniture,solid wood furniture and soft furniture ,more than 30 series and more than 1000 styles.The main series are:
 1. Bedroom series
 2. Sofa series
 3. Soft bed series
 4. Dining table series
 5. Mattress series

Core selling points of Quanu furniture
  The sign of Quanu
  The image of Quanu,Panda
  The advanced equipment of Quanu
  Certificates of Quanu:10 central certification,national quality assurance,famous brand of China.


Production process
Board cutting--------pressing board------gang drill------sanding----paster----base cost----waterproff-----abrasive-----polishing-----finish.


Bed series
Product series
Youth : 61xxx
  Product color : white + orange, white + blue, white + apple green, white + grey, white + purple.
Product no.61xx
Variety : youth bright serier (9 sets), dreamer series(7 sets)

Product commmentary
Mainly suitable for 18-35 years old of youth.This products appearance are concise and lively,light and free from vulgarity, natural and smooth which is full of imagination and emotion,with the aesthetic appeal of youth, and also reveal their personality and pursuit.
It heip to builds a kind of personality and creativity of study and living environment that occupy space.
White and silver series: xx

Product color : gray+white
Product classification : adult bedroom(5 sets),cupboard(2 sets)
Product no : 66x,8061x
Product style : fashion,simple,modern style.

Product commentary:

This series of products are most of the time before the combination of popular element,through Quanu in-depth investigation,which are suitable for the most fashionable and self expression,the young people personality,On the subjects of white adrons line,the surface of the gray,a symbol of fashionable young a pursuit of a better life,a yearning.


Color : elephant white
Product classification : adult bedroom(7 sets),cupboard(22sets)
Product style : American country style.

Product commentary:

Tennessee series is for the sucessful personage who pursuit taste of life.the design theory came from American country life.American country furniture is top grade,which is popular and widely used for the country villa in European and America.The designer change the size and style according to chinese body feature.
This series make whole room fill of natural,elegant,pure and fresh,quiet villages pastoral can relieve the homeowner and add more interest in life.

Elegant series:855xx

Product color :deep wooden color

Product commentary
This series is the first choice for successful personality,it reflects maturarity,elegant to the interiors.

Color series : 816xx

Product color : red+white,blue+white,champagne+white.
Product classification : adult bedroom(8sets),youth bedroom(1sets),cupboard(2 sets)

Product commentary:
At present,the groups who pursuit af advangrde fashion cities and consumer in color furniture.because the color furniture can show ego and show their unique personality.It has become essential element of life of fashionable person many that occupy the home.

Bright color series furniture can make whole room full of vitality and rich taste,through different colors of scientific,reasonable collocation.

Product features
More and more modern peoplewant to show their image display and individuality.Bright color seris furniture can meet this demand,consumer favorite.

Bright color series furniture use bright colors,through simple design style,the modern,fashionable feeling,make whole room passion and vitality.

Product color
Burgandy red:this color is warm,jumping,feelings of excitement,especially suitable for decorate bridal and white is tie-in,can make whole room immmediately lively,bright and fresh.

Black and white series.

Product color : black + white
Product classification : adult bedroom(15 sets),children (2 sets)
Product no : Adult-6xx, children 830xx
Product style : fashionable, simple

Product commentary
Classic black and white collocation,which is fashionable and contemporary,use light color theme to make whole room more stereo feeling.
Black and white series suits pursuits contracted,fashionable middle aged and young people.
Black and white series are popular since it appear,displays the classic design concept.

  Pine series:

Color :Pine colors.
Product classification : adult bedroom (7 sets), children bedroom(1 set), youth bedroom(3 sets), cupboard (35sets)
Product model : 820xxx
Product style : natural style.

Product commentary:
Since pine is natural wood, it gives fresh and natural feelings to the life of people.

Sofa series

Product item

Leather sofa

Poduct model : AXXX
Quanu leather sofa is made by cow leather imported from Italy,with good tensile,sanding,finishing more seroius.
Cow leather types

 Semi green leather : having artial scar and surface to be treated by has less good hand feeling compared to green leather.

Green leather : good quality leather,small scar,having natural pattern and intact surface fabric with soft hand feeling.

Normal leather : It has more surface scar compared with semi-green has hard touch feeling.

Cloth art sofa

Material : imported form Europe and America,including flocking,wool,cotton,hemp.

Sponge :
using powerful sponge without no human density,which is delected by the national quality inspection department of harmful substances.
Inside frame : usually made by wood.Ordinary wood include beech,camphor,catalpa wood.

The features of Quanu's sofa

Quanu sofa series are made by good hardwood,through high temperature drying,fumigation processing, deformation,no month,which particularly in parts of the force of the square with thick wooden specification to ensure adequate strength.

The internal structure of the sofa are used almost all the S-type spring support sponge cushions and refined copper spring imported from Italian.

Soft bed series

Bed frame : bed head,bed side board,bed cloth cover,bed cloth sets,support frame
Mattress : Bedding pillow,quilt cover,bed sheets,bed enterprises,decorative cushion,pillow,comforter filling.

The features of soft bed
It is special style,comfortable,environmental is made by 100%combed cotton and wood inside the frame without formaldyde.
It is all washable.It can change bed frame and bedding according to different feeling and different character,which can bring people complete fresh feeling and comfortable.
It is modern style of nobility,elegance.
Warm,comfortable,unique taste of country style series.
All fabrics are natural fibres-European cotton fabrics.domestic fabric generally used Upland cotton,from Shanxi and Xinjiang.

Dinning table series

Generally the materials used are:



Natural stone(white marble):it can produce resonance with the human body-forming good magnetic field.
It is expensive so production is less.
Man-made stone:it adopts transparent curing agent and promoting agents,add pure tones colors polyster,mixing stone processing filling.
Stone material identification methods
   Burn by fire
   Look by light
   See grain
Glass(without lead)

Mattress series

Survey of quanu matttress


1.8m mattress has 768 spring count
Within the spring diameter 2.2m,diameter 3.2mm in spring
Border wire diameter 5.0mm,recoil spring steel wire 3.5mm


High grade mattress


Cotton mattress
Silk mattress
Fully-packaged mattress
Bamboo-charcoal mattress
Magnetic mattress
Completely demounted lavender mattress.

Knowledge to care QuanU mattress

Even floor
   The floor locating furniture must be flat.

Dust abatement
   Cleaning mest be purified cotton fabric.the furniture with paint must be kept away from alcohol and gasoline.colored furniture,wax polish can be used.the cotton fabric shall be used to increase luster.

Keeping away from the sunlight
  To avoid paint fading,the furniture shall be placed at places having a certain distance from sunlight.Metal will oxidize under sunlight.

Avoid mois

  Indoor temperature should be kept within the normal.Wet wood will decay.appeared rusty metal parts,same easy to open plastic paste and so on.we cannot use the water or lyre to clean furniture.

Stain removal

   White furniture will appear yellow with time go on. We use cotton dips gently wipe a toothpaste, which makes yellow phenomenon have grt change.

Caring instruction of leather sofa

Leather sofa shall be kept clean.The leather pattern and the dirt in leather gaps can be cleaned by soft cloth with neutral saop water(usuage of cleaner ,oil of turpantine,gasoline and alcoholetc cannot be used) If there are stains caused by grease like ball-like paint ,a rubber eraser shall be used for several times to clean it.

To avoid wearing and fading of leather surface,the sitting surface shall not be applied with cushions with hard or rough surface.

The leather sofa shall be maintained regularly. Leather caring agent shall be applied once two months. When moving sofa,to avoid damage to the legs,pushing with force to make it slide shall be avoided.

Caring instruction of fabric sofa

Don't use cushion with sharp points.
Keep away from fire
Don't expose to the sun for fading.
Don't sit on the hand rest-it result irreparable, damage to filler and fabric.
Avoid damages caused by button , jewellery and pointed objects.
Avoid jumping of children.

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